Buying Guide

Buying a boat often can be a daunting task, particularly for first timers. However the process should not be as stressful as you may think, and with a few simple pointers you should be well on your way to enjoying your new boat.

The most important thing to do before ever looking at a single boat is to write down exactly what you want. We suggest making a list of your requirements and restrictions prior to performing your first search, something’s to consider include:

How you plan on using your boat:
Overnight Stays

Where you are going to store it, do you need a pen or is it going to be trailable?

What is your price range, keep in mind there are ongoing expenses like safety gear, fuel, insurance and registration?

What length boat are you capable and comfortable operating, and do you have the required licence to operate it?

Are you going to buy locally, or is importing the boat from interstate/overseas an option?

Have you previously owned/used and are comfortable with a certain brand?

Once you have decided on your restrictions, it’s time to perform your first search, head to the Advanced Boat Search to get the most flexibility.

You will be presented with numerous options; perhaps some are not what you are looking for, however you can create a shortlist of boats that may interest you so that you can review them later.

There may not be any boats listed currently that reflect your requirements, if this is the case you can quickly create an account and set up an alert which will send you an email every time a boat is listed that may fit your specifications.