Cruise Theme Party Ideas

When everyone gets tired of their hectic routine, people want parties and places where they feel relax and forget their problems of daily life. Cruise party is also one of them where people feel relax and enjoy to forget their miseries and problems of daily life. Basically, cruise parties are “Boat Parties”, which starts after the boat/ship leaves the shore and begin to float in the ocean. These parties are well organized and different people enjoy different activities on the same platform. Following are some of the Ideas, that make your cruise party, which can be celebrated on boat cruises, the best one.


Generally, the decoration is done to attract people and to make our place look like a party place. You can buy expensive decoration products to make your place more attractive and more likely to enjoy. Decoration also depends upon the type of party you are going to celebrate. Generally, there are Birthday parties, Alaska, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii etc. You have the choice to give a theme to your party according to the type of party. Some examples are as follows.

Birthday Theme

If you are arranging cruise party for birthday, then your decoration must include balloons, birthday caps, cakes, cold-drinks, a musician etc.

Mexico Theme

In such a party, you have to add different colors in your celebration areas to make it colorful. As Mexico theme party is a Fiesta Party which celebrates among different colors to forget the miseries and tensions of the daily life.

Alaska Theme

This party is basically for the celebration of kids. Such themed parties are arranged for kids to enjoy their time with their little friends and parents. Obviously, decoration for such parties is quiet similar to birthdays.

In this way, different decorations are done according to the type of our party. Other than decoration, there are also some kinds of foods, drinks, and games, which are arranged according to our party type. Let us discuss them one by one.

Food & Drinks

Like decorations, food and drinks are also categorizes according to the type of party. If we are arranging a Birthday Themed Party, obviously there will be some cakes, cold-drinks, snacks. If the cruise is going to Mexico, then there must be Nacho Bar and if the cruise is going to Alaska, then there must be salmon. There are also some drinks in common on all type of cruise i.e. Pena Coladas and Daiquiris. Actually, on every cruise, there must be some food and drinks which are mostly liked by the people on cruise depend on the type of cruise.



There must be the different type of games on every cruise depending upon the type of cruise. The common game that most of the managers arrange on their cruise is the Costume Contest. In this contest, people from different countries choose one costume of their choice and at the end; the best costume will get the prize. This thing attracts youth and they take interest in such contests. This contest is common on all type of cruise. Kids have their own costumes on birthday parties, youth have their own costumes. There are many other contests other than this. These include, worst travel disaster, best travel picture, dancing competition, best travel story etc. kids have their own activities i.e. complete with the national anthem, flower bird, capital and language etc.


Entertainment on the cruise depends upon the party which is organized on the cruise. Entertainment is done only by providing music. If you have people from different countries and also you have different rooms on your cruise, then you must provide different music players in each room for the people of each country. In this way, every people enjoy their own country songs. But if you do not have different rooms on your cruise, then a live band or DJ is the best option for such a situation. In this way, you can entertain every single person on your cruise in his own way.



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